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Economic Benefits

$579 million

Investment during construction

300 jobs

in New Brunswick during the 27 year life of the mine

500 jobs

during construction

$100 million

annual operating expenditures
The Sisson Partnership's experienced team of engineers, scientists and consultants is planning the Sisson Project to ensure it will be constructed and operated in an environmentally responsible manner that will generate important socioeconomic benefits for local communities, the province of New Brunswick and Canada.
The Sisson Project will:
  • Create hundreds of high-wage jobs for decades and strengthen New Brunswick employment and local communities;
  • Contribute to the provincial economy through corporate and mineral taxes, which could be used to help fund education, health care and other provincially funded programs;
  • Create spinoff jobs in the supply and service sectors; and
  • Attract future mining investment in New Brunswick and help build the province's reputation as a desirable destination for resource development projects.

Community and First Nations Engagement

Since 2010, Northcliff Resources and The Sisson Partnership has shared information about the Sisson Project with New Brunswick communities, First Nations and other stakeholders, and encouraged feedback - either directly to us or through the federal and provincial permitting process.

Engagement activities have included:
  • Face to face meetings;
  • Open houses, workshops and career information sessions;
  • A Sustainability Working Group comprised of community representatives from Stanley, Juniper, Millville and Fredericton;
  • An Aquatics Working Group with Stantec and representatives from the Nashwaak Watershed Association, Canadian Rivers Institute and the New Brunswick Salmon Council;
  • Working closely with the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour to ensure workforce readiness;
  • Newsletters, other published materials and web-based communication;
  • A community office in Stanley, NB;
  • Funding an Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Study;
  • Supporting local community groups and organizations;
  • Providing opportunities for First Nation involvement in field work, such as the archaeology program;
  • A First Nations/government/Sisson Partnership Environmental Assessment working group;
  • Signing a capacity funding agreement in 2013 with all 15 New Brunswick First Nations to assist with their participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment processes, including working group meetings and technical reviews; and
  • Providing information updates to the New Brunswick business community.
The Sisson Partnership continues to pursue partnerships with communities and First Nations related to jobs and training opportunities, and will continue to work with each community in a way that respects their interests in the Sisson Project as it advances.

Local Hire Policy & Career Opportunities

The Sisson Partnership is committed to maximizing employment benefits for the province by ensuring New Brunswick residents are aware of job opportunities that will be available at the Sisson Project, and the skill set required for various positions. We continue to work closely with the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour, the New Brunswick Community College network, and the Aboriginal Workforce Development Initiative to ensure that the New Brunswick workforce is prepared for all of the employment opportunities the Sisson Project will present.

The Partnership has held several career information sessions in local communities and participated in a variety of job fairs to provide details on the types of jobs generally found in an open pit mining operation, specific job qualifications and education/skill requirements for potential employment opportunities. As the project advances, we will continue to work closely with our workforce and training partners and post job opportunities in New Brunswick newspapers and on the Sisson Project website. Those who have signed up for project updates through our Sisson Project website will also received timely notification of all job openings and other employment related news.
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